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This better be my cake

This is an awesome idea. Although I’d also be tempted to make all the lesser rings of power as a batch of cupcakes, and give them to my friends. 

But they would be all of them deceived, for another cupcake would be made. 

In my apartment, in the fires of my oven, I will bake in secret a Master Cupcake to control all the others. And into this cupcake I will pour my flour, my sugar, and my will to dominate all confections. 

Reblogging again for commentary.

Wow. One does not simply have a birthday.

that bolded is KILLING ME






Improved signage at my university’s construction site

That’s just vandalism. Not protesting, not making a statement, not progressing feminism or equal rights in any way. 

And people wonder why feminists are despised by most of the world. 

So you took a sign meant to caution people that it may not be the safest area to just be tip toeing through the tulips in… and made it worth a double take… maybe worth getting closer to, because naturally people are going to want to see why a sign they’re used to seeing is suddenly different.

Congratulations, you’ve been counterproductive and probably endangered a rubbernecker.

You know in all my years in construction I’ve never seen anyone who identified as a woman pick up a hammer. I’ve seen them in the office, but not on the actual job site.

I feel so empowered and liberated because you defaced a sign that was truthful and made it about your precious feelings! ….. oh wait no, nobody does. You are just being an eyesore. Unless you are going to university to actually become one of those construction workers, then sit the fuck down and complain about Blurred Lines some more.


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